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Pastis and Miniatures - 22/06/2005 - 23/06/2005

Yesterday not a lot happened, except for much reading and bumming around the house whilst trying out my newly found juggling skills. We also went on our search for pastis, after discovering that it actually tasted much the same as oizo, a wicked aniseed flavour…I think Rach may need to be educated in its use however, due to filling a wine glass neat with the stuff, which I would of been dead if I’d actually consumed undiluted, or at least extremely quiet for the rest of the evening.

Today we split our separate ways with Heledd, Dave and I continuing a previously started ‘Amazing Microworld’ Adventure with a visit to the miniature museum in Vendee. The previous adventure, started in Bath a couple of years back was claimed to be amazing ‘or your money back’, we were determined to not be impressed, but alas could not contain ourselves – something like those actimel adverts. Therefore, we didn’t feel it proper to try and claim our money back. Although todays trip was slightly less impressive (much larger) it was still a laugh.

We spent our afternoon on the beach again – you’d think the locals had never seen a frisbee, or maybe thats the way we were playing. Last day tomorrow, best make the most of it!