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Beer and Beaches

Decided to make a move on to our next beach today, taking with us a picnic and a load of beer. This one is situated right next to a forest, which was ace for our picnic.

Tim, after 3 years of living with one another has finally managed to teach me to juggle and give me the bug for continuing it. It’s actually easier to learn using boule, forcing you to use correct arm movements, though its a little dangerous on the beach if you have a distinct lack of footwear. There was three of us praticing it on the beach, I think the locals were a little taken aback. I may even bring my unicycle up to er, uni and try and practice atop that. Not that I’ve done that since first year.

Finally got a picture of the Renault ‘Twingo’, which in my opinion looks exactly like one of the baby robots from ‘Batteries Not Included’.

All this french food must be getting to me, during my meal down in the ‘port (- no the one in Jard Sur Mer, not Wales), I was actually photographed inserting something green into my gob (or was I taking it out? – you decide). It’s not that I don’t like salad, it just doesn’t have a lot of flavour, which my brain is fooled into thinking it doesn’t like and tries to wretch it up as with all those other foods.