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Long Journeys - 17/06/05 - 18/06/05

So, it begins, the holiday season that is and with it my two day trip across England and back down the west coast of France to Jard Su Mer. Todays trip was fairly long, spending two hours bombing down the M4 to meet with the guys in Reading, then a further few to reach the underside of London on the M25, and a bit more to finally bundle over toward the Eurotunnel. The best part was discovery that Pete has finally grown a full-on beard, after years spend with us and 3 inch stubble. Dave, ever being the technophile has brought a couple of CB’s with us so that our car’s can communicate with one another whilst on the road.

After a bit of a confusing time on entry to the eurotunnel, figuring out where exactly we were meant to be, with tons of gates to pass through and a distinct lack of passport checking, we spent the 30 minute trip and viola we’re in France. Driving down the top floor of a train has got to be one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had for a while, reminded me of rebel’s attack on the deathstar. You might be able to see what I mean from the photo’s. Hotel was good – a short trip from the chunnels exit, and out on its own in the middle of nowhere. The hotel decided I must be Dave’s wife. Nice pics of french sunset.

Unfortunately the second day of travelling was rather less exciting, except for the prospect of arrival at our final destination. On anticipatition of the 450 miles that we were to travel today, it was elected that we set of early at 10 and try and cover as much distance as possible. Little were we to know what today would involve – and after a few refills of tanks of fuel (another bizzarre experience, just fill up and keep going – I’ve never had to travel anywhere further that involved more than a tank), payment for numerous motorway use, stopping off for lunch (speaking french to french person for the first time), discovery that CB communication is crap within moving vehicles, loosing the other car and then finding it again in a super-u and starting and finishing Roald Dahl’s ‘Ah Sweet Mystery of Life’ we finally arrived at about 9pm. Sleep is definitely on the agenda now..