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Another One Bites the Dust

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the title might refer to Pop’s funeral this week, but no, I mean the fact that finally after 7 years in courtship Mike and Jo have become hitched. Thats strike 5 from the core Yeovil lad’s posse…

It was a fab day, with schoolfriends from yesteryear I haven’t kept up to date with, and family members I never knew existed. My sister always seems to find it amusing that Jo’s sis, Sarah got hitched before them being a couple of years younger, having her been to school with Sarah and Jo in my form.

I found it amusing that I was shunned to a back-row-corner seat due to not fitting in with a 2 pair seating plan, basically because I’m not hooked up yet (er, in the partner sense). I suppose I should get used to that for the summer. Other amusing events included the eyebrow/moustache mix-up, confetti games and guess the wannabe bride.

The funeral was also (obviously) quite emotional, with numerous family members who I never knew existed until the day before. Gran managed to hold it together extremely well, even joking about before that she was wearing navy, because black ‘reminds me of funerals’…..

I found out as well that my cousin who lives down the bay has been using my gym membership…which is fair enough – I’ve been once since I joined. It was good to see family even if it was under unfortunate circumstances.