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No, not the monthly breaks event in Clwb Ifor, though you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s what this post would be about due to regular raving about it, no, *actual *Sumo.

So I started my trip off at 9:45am – realising that actually that Tesco’s would be shut if I left earlier and I’d not get fuel.. After faffing getting burgers and the like, I set off about 10:20am to Bournemouth. I hadn’t anticipated how long the journey would take, my not knowing the route and all. I arrived about 1:00pm and after making wrong turn after wrong turn finally found myself really close to the guys, but on the wrong side of the estuary…oops

After getting on the ferry (exciting!) and spying the suits on shell bay, I trundled down the beach to meet up with all the guys (2:00pm) who’d been down in Bournemouth since friday. Then the fun began, we held a bunch of Sumo tournaments wearing huge yellow padded suits which was great on my first round, beating some guy I’d never met before, with relative ease (!) the next round was a little different, being pitted against Adam, Mikes bro who is a Marine…suffice to say I lost that. Due to the way our tournament worked we had to find our “Ultimate Loser” as well, so next I had to wrestle mikes sis, Libby, which was amusing, being able to win with a couple of sidesteps.

The guys, always wanting to get the most for their money then spent the rest of the time making up amusing Sumo games. Sumo racing, Sumo Totem poles, Sumo Tunneling to name a few. It was an amazing laugh, even when the gazebo flipped up chucking our industrial size bar-b and its contents tumbling to the beach and setting stuff on fire. I’ll get some pics up on here asap.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all fun and games though, Steve managed to stuff his back up (by performing a forward roll of all things) and had to be driven back to Swindon by Gav because he wasn’t up to it. It’s not serious, but he was in A & E till 3am trying to get it x-rayed and stuff to check it out.

Anyways, I’m down here in the South until Tuesday, sticking around until Pops funeral is over. I spent a large chunk of time going through my Dads family tree…with mum( :) ) to clue me up on everyone I haven’t seen in ages….my Dads the youngest of 6, all of which have their own families so its mighty, mighty confusing (especially as my Mum is 1 of 4 as well)…. I need to make a family tree I think.