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Happy Places

To cheer me up a bit I’ve been trying to go to my happy place (which doesn’t involve dwarfs on tricycles before you ask), merely great places nearby which hold fantastic memories for me – ‘Ham Hill’ and “West Bay” being two notable ones. Ham Hill has all those fantastic bike rides, barbeques, moonlit evenings, Christmas moments and stupid uni friends wondering where we got all the pigs from. West Bay holds a bunch more cycle rides, youth camps (with lots of sheep, golf courses and jogs), barbeques, baptisms (including my own), boating moments and horrible toilets.

I found a website where a few notable images of such landscapes are held, (which ‘bizarrely’ I just discovered is a friend of a friend, with pics of his wedding. Small world and all that….shut it before you even start). Anyways, here is Ham Hill and West Bay for you to peek at.