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Highs and Lows, Peaks and Troughs

It was great to have the bank holiday this monday once again, allowed me to recover from the mad weekend that I had. The Vineyardites met at Living Stones for a great packed lunch (which had been moved from the park due to Cardiff’s dodgy weather), followed by new take on a game of miniature bowls on the snooker table by Jon and Rob. After this I moved on to Roath Park with Lewis and one of his mates from home before meeting up with Vineyardites once again and chucking bread at feathered creatures. All in all it was a fab day.

Tuesday held the return to the grind, but was productive nonetheless. After having a fairly quiet evening on my own I was hit with the news that Pop, my grandfather, had passed away that afternoon after taking a sudden turn for the worst. It’d been expected, having been in and out of hospital lots recently but it’s still a shock to the system. This is the only loss I’ve had to suffer of close relatives at an age to fully understand what it means and I’m still trying to take it in to be honest. To know this guy I’ve spent time with pretty much every week as a child isn’t going to ever be sat in his chair (joining in mocking my mother with me) when I now return just doesn’t seem right…

I’d actually half-thought that my mother had phoned with the news on monday, with me with a half eaten ham-sandwich in my mouth whilst at said picnic, which could of been the most embarrasing moment in my life if it had.

My thoughts are especially with my Dad and relatives Uncle Dave, cousins, Uncle Peter and Edgar (Pop’s younger brother) who’ve all had to endure more than one loss in a very short space of time. Those of you in pray-mode like to ask for some more-happy vibes their way.