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Same Old, Same Old

So, its been a fair while, I’ve been getting jip off of people about not writing, but to be honest, there’s not exactly been a lot happening in my neck of the woods which is all that exciting. I’ve pooled everything I can remember from the last two weeks and bunged them into one post…

Sat 14th – Featured a grandma squashing her child by clipping her foot on a paving slab on albany junction and falling straight onto him whilst carrying. It might sound fairly amusing, everyone I tell laughs – but she was really upset and probably the most shocking thing I’ve seen in a while. She needed a lot of consolation before she was ok to carry on and stopped crying. The kid was fine, and in fact the only reason he was bawling was because his granny was. Fortunately she was with family so there was shedloads of people on the scene to help fairly sharpish.

Also featured in the day was my first coffee in ages, which I was tricked into thinking was a hot chocolate by the staff at Starbucks and couldn’t be arsed to faff about and change. It wasn’t as bad as I remember, but I don’t think I’ll be becoming a convert any time soon.

Sun 15th – Was the night of the gig of the mighty De La Soul, who were every bit as fantastic as everyone makes out. Prior to this was a bit of fun round the park with people throwing (well, almost everyone throwing) frisbee and galanvanting about. It was kinda hindered somewhat by the destruction of said frisbee by Jon underfoot. I took that as a sign that I should maybe be getting off to Bristol. There’s some (really lame) pictures of the gig in my gallery.

Tue 17th – Our department held a ‘research retreat’ which really wasn’t anything of the sort because of being held at uni due to cuts in the departmental budget…I was fairly scared of this due to putting myself up for prime time firing and all, but it actually went alright when I got into the swing of things. The evening was Em’s surprise birthday party which was great, meeting lots of her random friends and discovering exciting new stuff about the old ones.

Sometime this week also featured my second sighting ever in my life of a mouse, running along Inverness Place. The first was a tad more scary as it jumped out of our dog food store at home and darted up my arm…I would’ve thought that I’d have seen far more by now with the amount of student accomodation I’d been living in.

Fri 20th – Went off to Sumo at Clwb Ifor, which was fab as it featured hardly any drunken fools at all (as in those who spoilt it), and everyone was just having a good time. The dj (D Ramirez) was pretty damn good, even if he did look like a bit of a tidy boy.

Sat 21st – After having a late one yesterday, I bummed about the house before going off to tesco to do a weekly shop. I think this might of been a bit of a mistake as in my sleepiness, I forgot to buy the main thing I went for and bought bedding which clashed horribly with my room colour. Burgundy + Dark Blue = Mess. Anyway, I spent far more than I should of done and then spent the week trying to recoup my losses by surviving on what I’ve bought without making another trip in a while.

Tue 22nd – Went off to see Star Wars 3, which I really hated due to the excruciatingly drawn out pants script. I think I would of enjoyed it more if I hadn’t heard all the guys talking about in the labs before I went. I’ve also been accused of not being a true computer science geek (even by one of Em’s mates) becuase I didn’t go to see the 12:30am showing on its opening day 5 days prior – I’m not that crazy.

Sat 28th – Finally went to see the amazing Mr Scruff, who was performing an absolutely mental 6 hour set. He played everything from funk, soul, reggae, breaks, drum n bass and back again whilst being bombarded with various tea-related imagery (my kind of man). The only downside was the fact we had to leave an hour early because my mate Dan was feeling a tad sleepy after his previous night too. I also think that while it was fab that we got put up in Bristol by Jon C that I would’ve been better off travelling home the same night – I was extremely tired due to sleeping on lounge floor and getting woken at 9:40am after going to bed at 3:30am….these devoted Christians and their early morning Church ways!

This night also featured my third ever sighting of a mouse – a doormouse this time..

Sun 29th – After Mr Scruff and driving back to Cardiff, I was feeling the burn a bit and tried to sleep it off, which didn’t happen as the shower and drive I’d already taken had woken me up too much. In the end I just vegged out listening to music (a new Scruff LP) and browsing the web.

In the evening I went over to Jon Matthias’, had stir fry and watched random comedy dvd’s. The best of which was ‘this is Spinal Tap’, which in my opinion is fantastic, featuring lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

Anyways, I’ve actually spent an eternity writing this so I’m off to enjoy my Bank Hol…