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Put on a brave face

I’ve been feeling a bit off today – maybe its the fact I had to cook dinner amidst housemates washing up at like 8:30pm yesterday, I had my wall banged on by neighbours last night due to noisy Tim (he has a gig soon so can be forgiven), or couldn’t get to sleep last night again for the same reason, radiators blaring and a noisy neighbour party or maybe its because I had to wait around forever at home today to collect a parcel from the Royal Snail.

It’s extremely quiet at uni as well, due to students in exams (woohoo) – although this means far more time to my work, it invariably means more work as well and I have a whole host of things to do for it. Anyway, all of these things combined have made me quite depressed of late so I needed cheering up…

I almost found the answer, did a good boost anyways. A face transformer courtesy of St Andrews uni, which manipulates a head-shot to create a bunch of different takes on me….from artist impression to various continents and a particularly butch woman (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

I’m thinking I like the manga one best…

My many random faces