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Matthias Week

I’ve had a really great week this week, mainly due to spending a large majority of it with the wonderful Matthias’s and crew. I’m not sure if this was altogether intentional, but it was great however it happened. I enjoy the crazy banter, furious sarcasm and witty jokes which are often made at others expense….

Monday we spent the day at Jon and Cathy’s eating and playing board games due to the unfortunate weather that occurred outside. Later featured some full-on frisbee action from the lads (well me), and all the girls flailing about like wallys in the park, followed by everyone trying to break the childrens playground there. Wraps back at Katies was a great way to end a fab day.

Wednesday we went over the Matthias’s again to have fud and watch a film I’ve been quoting for ever, “Happy Gilmore”, which should be featured in any self respecting Adam Sandler fan’s collection. I think it may have been understood and amused all who attended, which is always good.

Thursday was a Matthias free night (I had to try to keep back the tears) to prepare for the Friday night shennanigans of board games and food once again. I think it might be a while before ‘Rat Race’ makes an appearance on my favourite games list and as I have been given numerous nicks for the impending doom I release with a dice roll on anyones behalf, I believe the same may be said by most others too. It brought back those competitive streaks in me once again and turned me into an apathetic evil grumpy guts, instead of my usual jolly self (?!). Also, its probably the last time we’ll dare a Morgan to eat something..

Today I spent the whole day farting about building a simple rss gathering script – basically compiling all the Cardiff Vineyard blogs into one page. I get fed up having to trawl all through the same websites everyday, so I’ve taken to use RSS/ATOM aggregators to do the job for me. Bit depressing that I chose this over sitting in the park in the sun though. Anyway, said script can be found here, beware its very slow (but fun), if I’ve missed someones blog, please let me know. I know about the various problems like:

  • A) Viv’s feed is busted
  • B) The same photo’s show every time
  • C) It’s not true XHTML

but to that I say “Gimme a break, would ya? You do better!”.

My blog’s found its way onto a few new websites too, the process of domination is making some headway. Ooh, and I also now have the ability to comment on photo’s, if you should so wish. There’s some wonderful specimens in the gallery, prime for mocking, so please do.