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What a palava

I went off to meet up with my Sis and Viv in Swansea on Thursday night, the drive out there and around the bay was fantastic, beautiful scenery in wonderful weather that I don’t often get to see around Cardiff. I think the comparison was made between the bay and Roath Park by Viv, but to be honest, there isn’t much of one. After a full on carvery meal and everyone feeling like veritable fat jabba’s, we drove over to the mumbles to munch on ice-cream (follow the logic there). I unfortunately had a bit of an accident involving a bit of toffee however, which meant I had to make the trip back to Somerset yesterday in order the remedy the situation with the help of my dentist.

My parents were just about to leave for the bank holiday weekend when I finally managed to visit them and they requested my help to shift their caravan. This proved to be a bit more taxing than it sounds, due to the large bog that had now formed in the general vicinity of where the caravan is stored. After a lot of wheel-spins, a domestic between my parents (a trip to Yeovil wouldn’t be a trip to Yeovil without) and a swift handbrake application on the caravan by me, they were on their way.

I had hoped to make the Bass Invaders show at the union last night, due to it featuring the mighty Q-Bert, for whom it was the last night of his UK tour. It probably would of been amazing, but tickets were not going to be about and I was far too tired.

One good thing did come of the trip though, I finally managed to get some new vinyl boxes which my dad had made up for me. This now means I have a three-tier system for holding my records and my room has a scent of fresh cut mdf. It also means I need to be about 2 ft taller to have easy access to my decks. Oh well…