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Some things you might not know about CV'ers..

Here’s some interesting information I found about fellow Cardiff Vineyard’ers*.

  • Jon Mathais was the producer of the New Romantics and was cut from the Sony Open in Hawaii on the 2005 PGA Tour.
  • Jonathan Morgan holds both a successful ‘modeling’ career and since 1999 has also been a Conservative Assembly Member.
  • Zoe Morgan once featured in a Dr Who Episode (Season 25, Episode 152 -’ Remembrance of the Daleks’) as ‘Girl’.
  • Sarah Louise Moore graduated the University of Ulster with a 2.1 in Sociology in 2004.
  • Neil Morgan was a veteran editor and columnist on the San Diego news for 54 years, before being fired in April last year.
  • Amy Larkin plays high energy contra dance music upon her fiddle.
  • Viv Nicholls is a department of conservation biodiversity officer and plays violin for Finn McCool on the side in New Zealand.
  • Joe Belcher was in ‘An American Werewolf in London’ as a truck driver and more recently featured on ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.
  • Mark Evans is a baritone and qualified vet who writes wildly about pet care.
  • Rob Smith is both a software engineer at OCI and a reporter for BBC radio in Kent.

*Disclaimer: These are all actually lies….do you believe everything you read on the net?