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How far have I come?

Having free time in the evenings recently is a wonderful thing, and its given me the chance to think about ‘stuff’ I might not of done otherwise, recently its been my undergrad life. When I came to University, I was all fired up for an amazing walk through Christendom, I tried to throw myself into the Christian Union, and for a while it was great. Unfortunately my work got a grip of me very quickly, and for all the wrong reasons I backed off from CU and any kind of fellowship with others. I didn’t really settle at any Church well here and the year I spent at home made it even worse by becoming more disjointed from my Cardiff life….

I got my degree, and a good one at that, but I can’t help but think I put myself through hell (this time last year was awful for me) for absolutely zero benefit over what could have been. I know I’ve been taken down this path for a reason and while I might think there wasn’t anything going on, the whole experience is a lesson in discipline in itself.

Changing churches and attending a housegroup this year has been great, I’ve made some fantastic friends and its pushed me forward in ways I wouldn’t of thought possible, building me (and I hope others) up with far more on the horizon. Anyway, suffice to say reflecting on this hasn’t been great for me this week, but I’ve also felt encouraged by a few words I’ve been given of late about my character…trying to be a little more confident and forthcoming about my feelings, due to my unique slant on the world.