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Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been running around a bit like a headless chicken recently, not content with spending lots of time at uni working, I’ve been partying pretty hard as well.

Spent Friday going to Kez’s 21st birthday for a meal at Old Orleans, which was rather tasty. Bombed back to hang out with Vineyardites at Marty’z Kitchen, which we were duely moved on from to Cafe aroma, and back to mine (after a few choice insults were uttered by me) for a nice cuppa. After that, decided to go on to Sumo at the Welsh club with Aquasky and Masterblaster, once again having a fab time on my own and dancing about like a loon with drunks I don’t know. Bit of a late one was that – arriving back for 4.

After project meetings on Saturday to discuss our trip today with the other half of the PASOA project in Southampton, I didn’t have time to attend a bar-b I’d been invited too, and instead went straight over to Jon and Cathy’s for rather random games evening with lots of lego and frustrating “Guess Who” games. I was a tad upset to find that after nipping to the loo, all my passengers had defected to the dark side by going back with Jennie – the cheek! After confronting her on Sunday she also announced she’d stolen my aerial off my car! Gah!

All in all a fab weekend, though I don’t think I could keep it up every week.

Note to self 1: Games where I (or as a member of a team, ahem – Rob) lose, are rubbish, especially played against girls. That’s probably why I enjoy playing shoot-em-ups offline (or against Tim).

Note to self 2: Don’t go calling the children of your Church leaders names, not even in jest, it has a habit of getting back to them.