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Ebay Bargains

If I had something interesting to say I would say it, but I don’t really so instead I’ll hit you with a few ebay bargains I’ve picked up of late. Currently I’m holding a rating of 166 positive, I reckon thats pretty good. Anybody else bought anything interesting off the net lately?

  • Cut N Paste – Forget It [12” Single] (£1.99). I’ve been after this ever since I heard it on a Fatboy Slim ‘On the Floor at the Boutique’ mix CD donkeys years ago….
  • David Nicholls – Starter For Ten [Book] (£0.01). I started this after getting annoyed with reading huge mundane chunks of history in 1984. Loads of this is so close to the truth its scary, I’ve carried stupidly heavy things across Cardiff for instance, more than once actually, just to save a quid or so. Its great, despite being a “Richard and Judy Bookclub Bestseller”.
  • LHB – Tell ‘Em Who We Are [CD Album] (£0.99) This is an absolutely amazing album, can’t see how I’ve ever missed it before. Even more so as these guys were once big beat wonders back on good old Bolshi records.
  • A 4.5M x 0.75M ‘Scrumpy Jack’ banner (£4.00). This is pure comedy value. Just need to find a way of hanging this on the wall…was provided with a few ropes…hmm..