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Well, thats another year over and done with, on to the next. Unfortunately, due to the distinct lack of friends available at Cardiff or at home, it kinda all just happened, and is almost over. I went out for an romantic italian with Tim and Mark on Friday, featuring a couple of very grumpy waitresses. I had hopes to move on later on to bsb with people, but Tim was knackered from returning from a week of training and Mark wanted to save his efforts for the Easter Service on Sunday. Me being a little bit more independant of late, thought sod it and went by myself, getting bought drinks by Phantom Beats (the guy I went to see) while I was there…nice.

I just returned from my actual birthday here at home, bowling…..exciting stuff! Ah well, once again not that many people about, with a distinct lack of things available to do in our small town in Somerset. The cream on the cake is I just discovered on returning, I share my birthday with a great comedian – namely Nick Frost, star of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead fame. Rock on!