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Birthday Blues

I’m trying to decide what to do for my birthday which falls on Bank holiday monday this year. Currently I’m of the mind to do something on Good Friday like have a meal, then off to town (Chico Fresco and Phantom Beats will be at bsb apparently)….Leaving me free to go back and have easter and my actual birthday with family and friends. I’m going to be 24…24,24?!, no surely thats not right! I still feel about 18 and all my years as an undergrad never happened, I certainly don’t act my age. Ah well, I’ll get over it..It’s not actually that big a deal. I’ll have to anyway, it’ll happen again next year. If anyones about in cardiff then and wants to help me celebrate, please let me know!

I had my first quote immortalised upon our quote board at home, I’m usually quite careful not to say anything stupid with housemates about, thats Tim’s job, but this was due to a recent trip to the bay. I was talking to Cath Evans about my last trip to the bay (on my 20th birthday co-incidentally), where upon we were set upon by a load of kids off of the estate who decided to throw rocks at us whilst waiting for the train. Anyway it reads “This is my first trip to the bay since we got stoned on my birthday.” I think a lot of people on the train got an unintended impression of me after that conversation.