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Lemon Jelly

I was a right little Heathen yesterday and skived off of housegroup to meet up with Mr Bryer in Bristol to see the awesome Lemon Jelly. Whats even better was the fact that Ben Lilford had come along too, unbeknown to me before arriving. They are quite literally the most amusing band ever. Prior to the Jel’s entrance we were treated to Don Partridge (a one man band) whilst trying to play a couple of party games (find 3 stooges hidden in the audience).

I think the best moment of the evening was everyone was dancing to the vocal from “Nice Weather For Ducks” over some really heavy beats. It’s taken from an old nursery rhyme and goes “All the ducks are swimming in the water, fah la la la rahldo, fah la la la rahldo” or something like that, you can hear a more downtempo version here. It’s got to be the only place I’m ever gonna be dancing alongside a horde of drunken louts (one of which insisting at making the most annoying moose sound after every track), one very sweet and tiny little old lady and still feel content.