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Emotional Music

I’m finding quite a lot at the moment that my music stirs up far more emotion in me than ever before. I don’t overly listen to sad songs, but I tend to find myself welling up at the most random of tracks. Quantic, Amon Tobin anyone? Pretty much most of these are without lyrics either, so I guess it really is “all about the music”. Tim’s once told me that there is no reason for us to really gain pleasure in listening to music, its just a bunch of random soundwaves, how can we possibly gain pleasure through that? (There’s another amazing quirk God’s blessed man with). I also heard that as your body ages, your ear becomes more succeptable to particular frequencies, possibly causing some kind of change in our musical tastes, due to some frequencies being more common in particular pieces of music. (I have no way of backing that up, so any medics might not like to ever bring that up in conversation with me). All this is a round about way of saying I think my music tastes have matured as I’ve got older…who’d of thought eh?