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Fun Packed Weekends

My weekends are getting more and more full of stuff being a PhD student. It’s nice being able to confine my work to a 9-5 regime (or thereabouts) and do whatever I want outside of that, plus unlike being an undergrad, I get some money.

This weeks been pretty packed, after the fan dabby dosy weekend at Port Eynon with Cardiff Vineyard last week, I stopped by my sis’s in Swansea for a bit to say hi. We spent the afternoon shopping at Tesco’s and choosing each other’s various toiletry related items! Great chance to see where she’s been living (pretty much across the road from where she did previously), hang out and watch trashy tv with one another (Go Chunk).

I spent monday over at Viv’s “Chocolate Evening” with her and Zoe watching Dodgeball, which was a laugh a minute… I think I’d been on a bit of a downer that day and thats just what I needed. I think it might of been a slight overkill on the chocolate though.

Thursday was of course my first appearance under my dj pseudonym “Scrumpy Jack” (keeping it real – from my roots of Somerset), I was a bit unimpressed by my performance, no matter what mates say, but it was cool to play in the Welsh club – what a “proper” club should be. This kind of inspired me to knock out a mix (one of the longest I’ve done in a while) on Saturday afternoon. I might shove it somewhere on the web if I can find a suitable place. Dodgy in places, but I don’t really care as I hadn’t prepared at all for it.

Checked out the “off the shelf” guys on Friday night – some mad jungle biznis till late into the night. Yesterday evening involved building a large fire on the beach and some random plank walking over it by peeps. Very nice evening, moonlit beach all to ourselves, extremely cool. The highlight of the evening had to be Carl and Meilyr running away from a random welsh guys car after checking that he hadn’t rigged up some sophisticated suicide routine while we’d been in the pub, and had actually just fallen asleep.

Next week I’m off to see the parentals in Yeovil, which is nice…..