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Tsunami Relief Cardiff

I went to the Tsunami Relief concert held here in Cardiff on Saturday. I have to say, it was absolutely fantastic…! Made all the more special by the fact it was my first time in the stadium. Completely crazy to think I was in there for a good 7 hours or the hours I’d work in a day. I think probably best acts include Keane, Feeder (becuase I knew the words!) and Jools and Eric Clapton’s finale. What was quite gutting was the fact I was stuck in a queue when the Manics were on, so I didn’t even see them on the stage…. :(

I felt it kind of patronising though to be sitting there in a huge concert, with all these amazing artists, while the real reason we were there was to provide support for all those poor people who’d suffered through this horrible ordeal. It was almost like we were celebrating such a tragic event, rather than mourning over it. For some reason I don’t look at “Live Aid” in the same kind of light, I expect it’s because I wasn’t really there to witness it (being 3 and not understanding and all). I suppose events such as these do do a fantastic job of bringing media attention about though, not that there’s really any need at the moment, it’s all the news seems to cover at the moment (and why not? It is after all the most tragic natural disaster since I don’t know when). I don’t know where I’m going with this… that was perhaps a little deep for me.

Anyways, here are links to some pics of the event. They gradually deteriorate in quality, so Jools and Eric aren’t looking at their best I’m afraid.