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Christmas over, back to work

So, the holiday season is all over and now I suffer the mundane reality that is my own life…boo hoo. Christmas was a little pants to be honest, as my Mum was in hospital the whole time I was at home, although it did make the place a lot quieter! Christmas Day was quite special as well, the fact that it snowed and all. It just so happened that this was when St John’s Church doors were opened after the morning service too, so everyone there was quite exciteable.

I had a wicked time over New Years with the Southampton/Cardiff posse in Beddgelert, climbing Snowdon and enduring other peoples (mostly Stephen’s) sleeping habits. New Years Eve was especially great due to the copius amounts of party items that were flung our way by the local’s landlord. Check out the images here:

I’m playing my first gig tonight, over at BSB with the “Off The Shelf” guys, so am especially nervous at the mo. Luckily, it’s billed as a birthday party for Waldron so hopefully there’ll be a bit of a different atmosphere than normal.