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Vineyard reclaiming the web

Cardiff Vineyard have got to be the biggest bunch of bloggers I’ve ever met, in a non-derogitory sense. Makes a change to Yeovil Community Church. Browsing around their main site and links from it, I’ve found, hmm, lets see:

Cardiff Vineyard
Jon Matthias
Helen Carslaw
Lewis Parfitt
Neil Morgan
Zoë Morgan

Thats crazy….! – We’ve got say 25 ppl max when I’ve gone along, so thats over a 5th turned blogging converts. There are more, but I’ve not actually met them, or if I have I’ve not remembered their names! Quite reassuring to know that systems such as the one I did for my dissertation are being used out there. I expect YCC has like 5 people blogging in some shape or form, yet the Church is maybe 10 – 20 times that size. Talk about cutting edge…..