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Boo hoo....

Thought I’d have a moan about a few bits and bobs…same old, same old

I had a bit of an interesting experience today when my speedo decided to die halfway to Rhwibina. Could have been worse I guess, could of been on the motorway. Anyway, best get that sorted.

Uni seems to be going ok, the works piling up a bit though. It’s a bit of a nightmare to think about teaching and researching within the same day, takes me ages to adjust and concentrate for that matter. Had a meeting with the other half of the research team in Southampton, so that got me up to speed on a lot of things.

I need to get some djing on the cards, but I’m too whimpish to go ahead and do it. Fear of rejection see. I’m doing nothing in the evenings, which is pretty awful, especially when it gets through to Friday night. Nov 5th brought it home a bit. I’m glad theres loads of other PhD’s about, at least I get a few things done with them, never really had that sort of interaction outside of uni hours with other people on my course as an undergrad.