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Seeing as how I haven’t posted anything here properly for far too long, I thought I’d give an update on everything I’ve been doing since we last spoke..

Firstly, I got my degree, with the grades I wanted, although not perhaps in the subjects I expected to get them in, though I guess thats always the way. As a result of that, I’m going to be staying on at Cardiff for a PhD conducting research into the PASOA project over the coming year. I don’t know if I’m fully aware of what this is going to entail either academically or in terms of life the universe and everything. However I figure its best to attack this at this stage of my life when I’ve got no ties, rather than forever regretting it..

When asking for references for my PhD, I sent off a letter to my old place of work Aerosystems Intenational, where I carried out a placement year upon the support team. On completing my exams and preparing to head off home for a visit to the parents, I recieved a call asking if I’d like to return for the summer.. I accepted, started the following week and hence have been tied up with that for the last 2 months! It’s been really strange being back there, after being away and all, the teams grown a bit and is constantly pulling in contractors to help out. I enjoyed my time back there however, they’re all very friendly.

I’ve discovered a sweet little button in w.bloggar which pulls in my current track from winamp – very cool

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