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Project - again...

After having been working like theres no tomorrow on other coursework, I’ve finally managed to come back to my project work.

I’ve really not got very much productive work done on it aside from a few class diagrams and workflow routines which I’ve put together. I have been working on a prototype over the last month however in order to have that side of things produced on time. Currently it doesn’t do a lot more than add or delete users and needs to come a lot further before its something impressive which is worthy to be shown to my supervisor.

I’m spending this next week in producing the documents which I really should of put together a long time ago. I’ll have to hang around up here until the end of the week I think. I had made a start at writing the requirements spec but it was nothing more than a draft really.

Hopefully I will of finalised everything by the end of the week so I can have a more enjoyable christmas at home.