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Absolutely Knackered...

I’ve been totally caning it over the last week or so…. I’ve got this Opengl graphics project due in very soon, and I’ve been working like a bit of a bandit on it. On the other side of the coin, I’ve got a databases piece due in on the same day which I haven’t made a start on yet. Guess I’ll be doing that over the weekend. Those will be in next week and then I’ll have some time to get moving on my project again….

I got a couple of pieces of coursework since I last wrote.. First I got full marks for Graphics, which I was quite chuffed about, but it was pretty easy. Secondly, I got my paradigms coursework back and was absolutely gutted as I only got like 55% (accounting for 20% of my overall mark). So I’ve already lost 10% without even beginning the exam. I’ve been a bit cut up about that for a while. Ah well, I’ll have to try and make it up on the exam. I did do pretty well on the last course I took with Ralph so the crazy amount of notes I’m taking must be doing some good.