Here is a collection of items I’m after over on Amazon. If you are trying to think of a gift for me, for whatever reason, search no more! This page will also earn me a referral fee (rather than it all going into Amazons pocket). I won’t be informed that you bought anything for me, so if you want to let me know, please do so. Also, if you find any of these items cheaper elsewhere (tip: such as hmv for instance!), feel free to get them there and let me know. If you decide to get me more than one thing, then please follow this page and add each item to your amazon basket individually to send more referral fees my way. I really appreciate anything to decide to purchase for me. This page is automatically updated on an hourly basis.

If you want to download the plugin which generated this page, get it over here. This used to be generated by a plugin I created, but now will no longer work due to amazons deprecation of a particular method (cheers!).