How not to: Do A Hack Day

24 Jul 2010

It’s been well over a month since I attended science hack day and I’d thought I’d put out some notes on my time there. Rather than do a run down of the event, for which I’m sure there’s far more comprehensive blog posts available already, I thought I’d share my experiences based on attendance of a number of different hack events I’ve been to over the years. I went with the full intention of doing some hardcore hacking, but didn’t entirely meet my own expectations. Here’s my top tips, for now not to do a hack day:

I attended Science Hack Day and collaborated with a Mia, Prem, Tom Morris, Inayaili de León, Andy McMillan and Richard Boulton in order to build an app titled “The Revolutionaries”. Both Inayaili and Andy I never even spoke to and it was only through Prem’s organisation that the app came through in the end. I spent 2 hours of the event commuting to and from the guardian’s offices and 1 more stuck in a stationary tunnel in the dark. I’m glad that a made an effort though as the net result was a great app, which even won a little prize. I probably won’t be heeding much of the above advice at future events.

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